Main accused used fake marksheet

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A ‘compulsive liar’, 23-year-old Mohit Choudhary, the alleged mastermind of the hi-tech AIIMS cheating case, had used fraudulent means to get admitted to an Indore government medical college.
Sources say Choudhary, the son of a chemist, had allegedly used a fake marksheet to get
the MBBS course at the Mahatma Gandhi Medical College in Indore.
“Initially, he had attempted to mislead us by claiming he was studying in a private medical college in Ujjain. But there were no records in his name at the college. Later, he confessed he was lying,” said a senior police officer investigating the case.
Meanwhile, Choudhary’s interrogation has revealed that six qualified doctors had paid amounts ranging between R25 lakh and R40 lakh to Choudhary’s gang for assistance in the AIIMS entrance test.
Police said four of the gang’s clients were taking the exam at four different centres in Delhi while two were sat for the test in Noida. “AIIMS authorities have confirmed that the six candidates in question had sat for the exam and we are in the process of tracking them. All of them are practising doctors in NCR,” the officer said.
On Monday, Choudhary, 23, a second year MBBS student, Dr Amit Punia, 23, two MBAs Kapil Kumar, 27 and Krishan Pratap, 27 and a computer programmer Bhishma Singh, 27, were arrested for cheating in the AIIMS exam.
Police are currently conducting raids across several government and medical colleges across the country and are on the lookout for two MBBS students who, as per Choudhary’s claims, helped him get in touch with potential clients.