Kashmir, Challenge & Opportunity for Modi Govt

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mufti-modiSuddenly a challenge has been deliberately thrown against Modi government in the form of artificial mass rebellion in Kashmir Valley. If PM Narendra Modi is successful in exposing the plotters of ‘rebellion’ backed by Pakistan and able to establish dialogue with genuine leadership of Kashmiri Muslim leaders than he will have unhindered rule for next three years, his remaining part of present terms. The conspirators will be deactivated for a long time. PM Modi must turn this challenge in to an opportunity.
Kashmir problem is about 70 year old complex issue. It can’t be solved easily or in short time. It has international bearing and is deeply connected with ‘secular’ politics of India. The coverage of secular English media and statements of all India secular political leaders clearly establishes synergy in the Kashmir agitators and Secular leaders.
The trouble in Kashmir is limited to only Valley area which is very small part of Kashmir State and has predominantly Muslim population. Some parts of Kashmir are still in the possession of China and Pakistan. Ladakh and Jammu areas of Kashmir state  are quite large and are predominantly Buddhist and Hindu respectively.
Communal’ image of RSS and BJP (earlier Jan Sangh) has been crafted by congress and Leftists. This image is only weapon in the hands of Anti-BJP and Anti-Modi forces in country and abroad. These anti-forces are worried that the way Modi government is functioning the Muslim masses and their votes will go out of their clutches if PM Modi is allowed to concentrate on development. These forces are stalling many news things the government wants to introduce by creating hurdles in Rajya Sabha. Along with this they are continuously raising ‘communal’ issues to corner BJP government which is working for all round development of the country.
The crux of the problem is that the RSS and BJP are not able to articulate their views about apprehensions in the minds of people, Hindus as well as Muslims, created by sustained and well crafted propaganda by its political enemies. This ‘Secular’ propaganda has been so powerful that many members and sympathisers of RSS and BJP consider these organisations as Anti-Muslim.
In general there is no ‘ Anti’ feelings in Hindus and Muslims against each other but Muslims are behind radicalised and Hindus are being increasingly concerned about incidents within and outside the country.
The present ‘politically organised rebellion’ in the Kashmir Valley will ultimately stop but BJP and the Modi government must use the present situation there in exposing ‘secular vote bank politics’, Pak hand in organising violence in Kashmir, as well as establishing meaningful dialogue with genuine leadership of minorities specially Muslims in the country. This will help in solving Kashmir as well as other issues related to minorities and will ultimately help in faster development of the country.

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