LMC to test portable bio-toilets for parks

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portable-bio-toilet-250x250City parks may soon get bio-toilets with ability to decompose collected solid waste with the help bacteria. Costing Rs 65,000 each, the Lucknow Municipal Corporation has imported two bio-toilets from an organic biotech company in Mumbai to test them on a pilot basis.

Besides not requiring manual cleaning or connection with any septic tank, these toilets are mobile in nature and can be easily relocated as per the necessity. Built with lightweight plastic, the storage tanks are made under the toilet seat. When the solid waste is collected in the tank, the bacterias will eat up the organic part in the human waste and reduce it to liquid that will flow down the drains. Additional Municipal Commissioner P K Srivastava said, “If found feasible, we will use mobile bio tiolets at public places including parks.”


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