Widening the zone of tolerance brings true happiness

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Happiness is a state of the mind which depends upon its ability to relish anything it experiences.
Simple happiness is fulfilment of the senses through pleasant stimuli like love, sex, tasty food, smell and weather but this happiness is temporary.
The gratification of the mind through pleasant thoughts about the self and loved ones is the most common form of happiness.
Here, happiness is governed by the mind’s attitude and in the fickle-minded it never lasts for long.
The worst kind of happiness is withdrawing into the illusory world of alcohol or narcotics.
Many resort to this route of flimsy happiness, which ultimately brings despair into their lives.
A superior, sustained kind of happiness is making the mind immune to disturbances and experiencing pleasure from small things in life.
Honesty, dedication, hard work and integrity with one’s work leads to great satisfaction. Compassion and empathy for others ensure happiness.
A simple realisation that god exists in all of us and everybody is a part of god keeps the mind in a permanent state of happiness, regardless of the inputs from the senses or thoughts.
Meditation is also an extremely useful way for permanent peace of mind. For practical purposes, the best way to be happy is not pursuing happiness or finding new ways to attain it.
Instead, one should learn to avoid all unnecessary situations that can disturb the peace of mind.
Lack of self-control, fear of the unknown, anger and jealousy are the worst enemies of happiness. We must remember one thing: Widening of the zone of tolerance in which we live is the key to happiness.

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