Get married by quantum physics

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6a00d8341bf67c53ef014e8858b7b4970d-800wiREAL TIES? In Vegas, you can be married by the power of physics

So we all learnt of “conscious uncoupling” last year when actor Gwyneth Paltrow and British musician Chris Martin split. This year’s marriage fad might just be quantum entanglement, which a Vegas hotel is promoting next month. Instead of hiring a priest, you can be married by the power of quantum physics. They hang a special crystal grown in a lab in a sunny window and entangle the photons that pass through. Mirrors and prisms bounce the light through the room, and onto the bodies of anyone who wants to become “entangled”. The idea is that particles remain connected in their physical state even when they’re apart. Whatever happens to one particle will instantly happen to the other. The paradox is that any attempt to measure entangled particles automatically disentangles them. Does that make for quick marriage and quicker divorce?

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