Few takers for MBBS exit exam in state

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 Idea of an exit exam for MBBS pass outs which has been proposed by Medical Council of India (MCI) has found few takers in Madhya Pradesh even though questions have been raised over genuineness of doctors in the state following the Vyapam scam.

Sources said that Ministry of Health & Family Welfare’s letter to MCI regarding consideration of proposal to introduce single exit exam for students passing final MBBS which was first proposed in 2013, is once again being actively pursued in wake of renewed concerns over the ‘quality of doctors’ produced.

Apprehensive of the move, Madhya Pradesh medical teacher association (MPMTA) secretary JS Meena said, “An MBBS exit exam would impact the student’s preparation for pre-PG exams. MBBS education takes five years to complete apart from internship. It would add more pressure on them.”

Seeking anonymity, medical teachers claimed that some of the Vyampam accused — who were later rusticated — were filtered as they could barely manage to clear college examinations. “Exit exam would be unethical given the current context,” said a faculty member of Gandhi Medical College (GMC).

If the proposal is implemented, an exit exam will be compulsory for MBBS students passing out from government as well as private medical colleges. MCI board had accepted the need to have an exit examination at the national level in order to further improve the quality of medical education.

It would be similar to foreign medical graduate examination exit exam, following which foreign trained doctor gets a registration to practice in India.

Meanwhile, state body of MCI, Madhya Pradesh medical council (MPMC) registrar AS Qazmi said that no such MCI proposal has been received by them so far.

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