Are older IITs losing their sheen? Toppers opting for newer ones

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The older IITs seem to be losing their sheen. After the first round of counseling for IITs/NITs, the surprising bit is that the closing rank for IIT-Kharagpur, the oldest IIT in the country, and IIT-Roorkee, the oldest engineering college, is above 8,000 whereas for new IITs like those in Jodhpur, Hyderabad, Patna, Palakkad and Tirupati, it hovers between 4,957 and 6,581.
IIT-Kharagpur, with the maximum 1,341 seats, did not attract a single student from the top 212 ranks and Roorkee from the top 232 ranks but students far lower in the common rank list have preferred the two institutes.
 A senior IIT professor said, “What is surprising is that students have preferred newer IITs like the ones in Tirupati, Kerala, Patna and others despite knowing that a student admitted in an IIT in a lower preferred course, say mining or agriculture engineering, can be upgraded to the most sought after courses like computer science, electronics, mechanical after one year based on his performance.”
 Among the older IITs, Bombay is the most attractive, getting 65 out of 100 top rankers and the first round closing with rank 4,206. IIT-Bombay has 903 seats. IIT-Kanpur with 853 seats got two of the top 100 rankers and admission closed after the first round at rank 5,314. IIT-Delhi also did well with 30 of the top 100 rankers choosing it and the first round of counseling stopping at 4,494 rank. It has 851 seats. In comparison, IIT-Madras, with 838 seats, is losing its pull with only three of the top 100 preferring it and counseling closing at rank 7,026.
 Newer IITs with seats ranging between 120 and 220 are slowly coming into their own despite the fact that many do not even have a permanent campus. Among the relatively newer ones, IIT-Guwahati with 660 seats and Hyderabad with 220 are slowly breaking into the big league. Guwahati got 43 of the top 1,000 rankers while Hyderabad got 20.

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