There are four drunk personality types: Study

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There are four drunk personality typesDo you know which type of drunk you are a menacing Mr Hyde or a friendly Mary Poppins?
Psychologists have found that people turn into one of four character types when drunk.
These include the Ernest Hemingway who is barely affected by excessive alcohol; the Mary Poppins who is friendly and compassionate and the Nutty Professor who is transformed from a quiet type to a confident extrovert.
Worst of all is the menacing and hostile Mr Hyde, researchers said, adding that most people who fall into the last category were women.
Psychologists at the University of Missouri-Columbia asked more than 360 men and women to complete a personality test: once when they were sober and once when they were under the influence of alcohol.
The results showed that the largest group of drunks were the Hemingways, who changed very little. Hemingways were almost exactly as reliable, organised and prompt intoxicated as when they were sober, and they had very little trouble with their intellects, imaginations and abstract ideas.
The menacing Mr Hyde drunks, however, should be avoided at all costs.

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