Style tips to beat monsoon woes

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Style tips to beat monsoon woesDon’t let the rainy season affect your desire to be stylish and fabulous. Opt for short dresses in light fabrics in bright colours to beat monsoon woes, says an expert.  Here are some monsoon fashion tips by Vaanee Bhatia, co-founder of online shopping store Gritstones Clothing:

* Bright colours: It’s time to wear all those bright colours from your wardrobe which you often sideline. Avoid wearing light colours like white and beige because they become transparent. Instead, flaunt bright colours like red, green, blue, indigo, yellow and stand out of the crowd.

* Fabrics: Light fabrics like chiffon and silk are a big no in monsoons. Opt for fabrics which can dry out easily, need not require much maintenance and especially don’t stick to your body. Cotton, linen and synthetic fabrics are a good option to carry on during monsoons. Just make sure they are not see-through anyway.

* Bottoms: Carry bottoms which are shorter in length rather than full-legged denims. Shorts, skirts, three-fourth trousers serve as better alternatives to the wet borders. A full-length jeans, trousers or flairy skirts can leave you with damp ankles and legs.

* Dresses: Short dresses, frocks, maxi dresses and knee-length gowns can be perfect for monsoon. Avoid light colours that get dirty often. Also, avoid excessive fitted dress that makes your movements stiff, uncomfortable. Prefer a knee-length dress of your favourite colour.

* Prints: Last but not the least, shop for some printed clothes this monsoon. The bizarre zig-zags, linear creations or any other off the beat print can work out to give you an incredible yet adorable look of the season.

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