Look good, feel better

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Look good, feel betterThere is no doubt that looking good makes you feel good too and feeling good is so important. Looking one’s best certainly imparts confidence, which is so necessary in today’s competitive world, reports ANI.

Self-confidence, in its turn, brings respect and appreciation. In the career world too, there are so many jobs where the appearance counts, like front office jobs, careers in hotels and tourism, public relations, television, fashion and so on. Actually, in any job, looking your best helps self-esteem and self-belief.

Taking care of your appearance also delays the visible signs of ageing. The woman, who has been following a healthy diet and lifestyle, finds it easier to cope with changes, as she ages. It is not just beauty care, but includes regular exercise, nutritious diet, adequate sleep and relaxation.

Regular exercise helps to delay aging changes and has a beneficial effect on both body and mind. It keeps the muscles and joints flexible and also helps to prevent weight gain.

Along with exercise, adopt a healthy eating pattern, with an emphasis on fresh fruits, unrefined cereals, salads, sprouts, lightly cooked vegetables, yogurt and skimmed milk, clear soups, fresh fruit juices.  Your diet should be low in fats, sugar and starch, but high in vitamins and minerals.

This kind of diet will raise your level of fitness and also help your skin and hair.

Many women let themselves go once they are married or have become a mother. The result is spreading outlines, dull skin and hair and careless grooming. I think efficient time-management is the answer.

No matter how demanding housework is, you have to set apart some time for yourself every day. Actually, daily skin and hair care take only a few minutes. So does daily exercise.

It is never too late to start a regular skin care routine, selecting products according to the skin-type.

The skin-care routine should include cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nourishing. With age, the activity of the oil glands decreases and the skin becomes drier. Daily moisturizing and nourishing keep the skin soft, supple, moist and youthful.

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