Extroverts less likely to adopt green lifestyles

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Extroverts less likely to adopt green lifestyles

Extroverts are less likely to adopt green lifestyles because they are distracted by their social life, activities and other people, scientists, including one of Indian-origin, have found.

Researchers at the University of Portsmouth Business School, UK, conducted a study of 204 people aged over 50 to see if personality type affects how green a person is.

They found that those with open personalities are the most green, and extroverts are the least green. Older consumers are only moderately green and although they become more green with age, the findings suggest government, campaigners should step up their attempts to educate people to adopt green behaviours.

“Research hasn’t paid much attention to whether age or personality type has an effect on someone’s greenness,” said researcher Sianne Gordon-Wilson. “Older consumers are growing and their behaviour and attitudes will increasingly be important. Their attitudes are likely to have a powerful effect on Britain’s overall response to reducing greenhouse emissions,” she added.

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