Making Yourself Employable

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Education in India is maturing its structure of curriculum to meet the demands and requirements of industry. Industry Institute Interface is a continuous process as education institutes focus on.
It is estimated that in near future, emerging economies will contribute at least half of the world’s GDP.
Today, all education institutions try to enhance employability skills of their students. Modules and sessions are designed in such a way that all students make a reasonable are fit to be employed after completing their education. But does an ’employable’ person is really one who can secure a job soon?
Definition of  employability which is most oftenly used in higher education is, “Employability is the development of skills, abilities and attributes that enhance student’s capacity to rewarding and satisfying out-comes in economic, special and community lives”
Manchester Metropolitan University. Employability is  an abstract concept. Basic requirement of being ’employable’ for any person is willingness to seek work primarily. Qualities and skills make them potentially good for employment.
It is rightly said, “An apple wouldn’t taste sweet till you make efforts to eat it. And making an attempt to eat is the prime effort required to taste it. ”
Today the youth perceives employability as potential to crack the job interview, succeed in working wonders in first few months of job, but the coin has the other side too.
Meaning of employability should also include the ‘feeling and the passion about one’s working career’. Even if in Job Interview some of the Employability Skill (such as communication, aptitude, etc) is lacking, still if the Interviewer witnesses the “passion to work in you” he cannot deny that you are employable. It is self awareness that can make you immune to the external hindrances such as high employment rate and recession in economy.
Positive outlook will always bring abundant opportunities and open new avenues for you.
Hence, Enhancing Employability Skills is not the only goal. There is much more to it. Employability skills only help you to be employable but do not guarantee you one. To put is very bluntly it is  possible to be employable , but yet not employed.’ Only one person can carry you to the door of your business and that is only YOU!

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