Lab instruments worth Rs 2 crore gather dust at Barkatullah University

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Barkatullah University woke up to the need of providing important equipment to physics departments after seven years of its purchase. University administration has appointed a three-member committee to understand why equipment worth Rs 2 crore was locked up in a room of physics department by the then head of department.
Surprisingly, neither the department nor the university authorities took pains to unlock the door all these years. Last month, after receiving an anonymous complaint regarding the locked expensive instruments, university administration called former HOD RK Pandey to handover the keys. Pandey refused to come to university.
Later, university authorities sent an individual to collect keys from him. University officials then handed over the keys to head of department professor Sanyal who requested university authorities to open the room when they were present.
“A committee has been asked to provide each and every detail about the instruments kept in the room,” said registrar LS Solanki. Committee will submit its report in next one month. Officials said that they couldn’t be sure about a possible scam until the report as submitted.
Sources said that after Pandey allegedly purchased the instruments against guidelines of University Grants Commission (UGC), he immediately locked it in a room. “Later, he joined a private institute and took away the keys with him,” they said.

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