Suspend collector health officials

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The state general secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) Badal Saroj has written to chief minister Shivraj Singh, demanding suspension of the collator of Sidhi and the district health officials for failing to contain malaria deaths despite receiving reports.
He has also demanded Es Five lakh each as compensation for kin of each of the malaria victims in Chauphal, Pawaya, kuthar and Karimaati villages.,
Saroj has said in his letter that he is writing to the CM since it is impossible to meet him (CM) in person. He has said maximum of the 49 persons who died recently of malaria belonged to Baiga or Gond tribe or dalit communities and it was improbable that mosquitoes bit them selectively. This proved that most of the deaths were actually because the victims were malnourished and could not sustain the disease. He said that the administration squarely failed in preventing the deaths despite the local auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM) and the district secretary of CPM informing the health officials and district collector respectively on October 17 and 22.
The CPM, apart from demanding suspension of these officials, Saroj has also demanded termination of the doctors of Semaria Primary health Centre (PHC) who have remained absent for long duration from duty and who are kin of senior BJP leaders and probe into the ‘missing’ mid- day meal and nutritious food quota for the four affected villages. CPM has also demanded effective implementation of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) in the affected area and full payment of work already done under scheme.

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