Healthcare Workers Least Likely To Fear Job Loss

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Healthcare workers feel secure in their jobs going into 2012, according to a Randstad Employee Attachment Index. Only 12 percent of healthcare workers surveyed fear they will lose their jobs next year, but many feel unappreciated and undervalued.
A mere 18 percent of healthcare workers expect a promotion next year. Among the responses, 35 percent of healthcare workers do not feel their efforts are valued by their employer. Not surprisingly, about the same percentage of workers that feel undervalued also plan to seek out a new job with a different employer within the next six months (37 percent). Additionally, 45 percent of healthcare workers would “accept an enticing offer from another company”.
Additional healthcare predictions from the Randstad survey:
• 2o% do not feel secure in their employment
• 65% predict that their employer will lay employees off in 2012
• 27% are likely to seek a new position in their current company
Of all sectors surveyed, healthcare workers are the least likely of all sectors to fear losing their jobs next year, and also the least likely to expect a promotion. Other industries surveyed include IT, Finance & Accounting, Pharma, Engineering, and General Business.

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