Computer Games: Better Than Sex?

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A survey of 2052 people was commissioned by Doritos in advance of the launch of its new Doritos Dip Desperado Face book game, and it discovered some interesting facts about the game-playing habits of men and women.
For starters, 49 percent of the women in the survey said that they played “online games” — though whether this was Star Craft II or City Ville wasn’t clear. This 49 percent figure, however, is just 1 percent behind the figure for men.
Of these 49 percent of women who play online, 84 percent said they enjoy their gaming sessions. Compare that with the percentage who enjoyed working out (62 percent), shopping (71 percent), having a bath (75 percent) and doing the nasty (70 percent) and we can hastily jump to the astonishing (and possibly flawed) conclusion that women think games are better than sex. (No comment on some of the adult tweaks.)
Further interesting facts from the survey: 17 percent of women (about 1 in 5) admit to playing games in bed (fellas, you’re clearly doing it wrong) and the fairer sex spends 23.1 percent of their time online playing games compared to 22.3 percent for the hairier sex.

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