What Is A Dad?

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The Dad is a person who is mostly away, supposedly working at a place called office. While at home, he is mostly dormant and could be found lying on the lower bunk in the other bedroom. During the last Birthday, he gifted us a bunk bed with the ulterior intention of getting us banished from the Master Bedroom, but in turn got himself banished! Ha ha ha! Our Dad doesn’t snore; he roars. If he is not sleeping, one can find him on the computer playing games or socializing on FB. He is a mood spoiler, for as soon as he returns from work, he fiddles with the TV remote and changes channel to the boring news or cricket. He is also the person who drives us around the city and, using a plastic card pays for all the stuff that we shop. He does play football or basketball with us for some time during the weekends, but fakes to get tired and dozes off on the sofa in the living room. If he is awake, and roaming around the house, one should be vigilant and should constantly monitor his position, for one, you might have to jump in and rescue our mother from whom he might try steal a hug and a kiss, which rightfully belongs to us or even to vamoose away from that vicinity as he dissipates one of his slimy greasy ones. He is most active and animated during Saturday evenings, when he has this usual five hour skype chat with his best friend from across the globe, during which he downs a couple of drinks and display’s to them on camera what our mother has cooked. He then eats his food sitting in front of the computer looking into the webcam and intermittently commenting “Wow, it is tasty…. I need some more”.

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